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by Fort & Manle


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An extravagant homage to the showmanship of pre-revolution Russia's master illusionists, Bojnokopff (formerly titled Mr. Bojnokopff's Purple Hat) is itself a throwback- a sweet, smoky, darkly woodsy gourmand that defies characterization even as it enchants all who encounter it. Our grand illusion opens with a deep, dark oud note, pungent enough to avoid the dreaded "medicinal" tag but pleasantly balanced with wispy wood smoke and a complementary vein of smooth, clean French lavender. As the act progresses, the smoke pouring from our titular hat begins to thicken and billow, taking on the warm creaminess of vanilla and the indulgent richness of Belgian chocolate, simultaneously mouthwatering and, in harmony with the ever-present oud, seductively mysterious. As the smoke fills the stage, deep, spicy woodsiness prevails, with gaiac and cedar combining with almost oily vetiver to delightful effect- when the smoke finally clears, only the hat itself remains on stage. Who is the mysterious Mr. Bojnokopff, and how can his magical fragrance be both deliciously gourmand and seductively woodsy all at once? Would you really want to spoil the illusion by finding out?

Fort & Manle Bojnokopff Fragrance Notes

Top note is Lavender. Middle notes are Dark Chocolate and Vanilla. Base notes are Agarwood (Oud), Vetiver, Cedar, and Guaiac Wood.

Important info: Here, we sell decants only. Fort & Manle Bojnokopff fragrance sample is a hand-decanted sample. The original bottle on the main picture is not for sale, it just shows the original bottle from which perfume will be decanted. Therefore, the customer will receive the authentic fragrance poured from the original bottle into a new sterile vial.

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