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France is a country with a wealth of deep-rooted traditions and a prestigious history. Among the country’s most precious gifts to mankind are deemed to be Cognac and the Art of Perfume. 
The International fame achieved by these two products along the centuries is no work of luck, for both Cognac and Perfume share the same mysterious, almost magical background. It all starts with soil: the saying goes that it takes deep roots to rise high above. Cognac and Perfume both root in rich fertile soils and bask in the generous sun, the rose fields of Grasse in Provence on one side and the vineyards of Charente on the other. 
Then the distillation, the common creation process for both products, takes us back to the alchemists’ secret of the Dark Ages. Eventually, the assembling process is similar as both perfumer and cellar’s master play with accords, searching for the perfect mix of aromas and tastes, like great composers. 
Last but not least, Perfume and Cognac are both expressions of pleasure and culture, luxury and exclusiveness. The taste of life is revealed by the delicate trace of a fragrance or the magical sip of a divine spirit by the fireplace. 
Because Pierre Frapin wanted to unify these two worlds, so close, the Frapin family decided to create perfumes in the great French tradition. Frapin crafts their perfumes in the same manner as their cognacs: according to the antique recipe of patience and passion with a unique savoir-faire and the finest ingredients.

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