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MORESQUE is the harmonious synthesis between form and content, between aesthetics and essence. Created to dress the ancient oriental tradition of perfumery with timeless Italian style, MORESQUE is a tribute to the splendor of the Moorish Art. It is also a hymn to the refinement of oriental perfumes and to the “Made in Italy” know-how.

MORESQUE fragrance collections reflect the philosophy of Minimalism through their design essential features: each perfume offers an appealing contrast between the absolute rigorousness of its lines and the richness of its details.

“A woman can always count on two qualities: sensitivity and precision. In the world of high-end perfumery, both serve. Nothing arises unless it provokes emotion and is thought of in the slightest details.”

Explore a variety of colognes & perfumes from the fragrance house of Moresque and find your signature scent.