Because we believe Samples & Decants are the only and the great way to try many fragrances without spending a lot of money…

The number of people heard about Niche Perfumes which can be expensive, rare and hard to find. Many of them would like to try them personally. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a full Niche Perfume bottle.

Here at Fragrances Line, we specialize in offering Samples and Decants of Niche Perfumes. Our hand-decanted samples of Niche Fragrances are decanted from 100% authentic products. The original perfume bottles on the main pictures are not for sale, they exhibit the original bottles from which perfumes are decanted into new sterile vials. Samples and decants are a great way to try many fragrances without spending a lot of money and before deciding on the scents that you know you will love. 

There are so many fragrances and so little time! Why spend $450 on one full perfume bottle that will take you forever to finish and you may get tired of when you can spend the same money and get 10 different amazing fragrances! This is the best and easiest way to find out what you love!

Since the market is flooded with a large number of options, it has become difficult to choose the right fragrance for the right occasion. 
Fragrances Line is your ideal fragrance online boutique to explore and indulge yourself. 

You may also browse for our unique fragrance collections and purchase niche perfume online. Niche perfumery is exceptional. The high quality of ingredients, the smell that is far away from mainstream perfumes and limited availability make them unique and personal.

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