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The brand Mancera was created in 2008 in the Arabian Gulf. It was initiated by the distributor "Al Hthar", who previously specialized in establishing classical, big brand perfumes in the Gulf region. Based on extensive experience the owner of "Al Hthar" asked a group of designers and perfumers, including Pierre Montale who is world famous for his Montale collection, to create a large-Artistic perfume brand.

The Fragrance Concept
Mancera perfumes differ deliberately from typical oriental fragrance brands. From the start, the idea was to create intensive, highly concentrated perfumes with predominantly western appeal and some exceptional Aoud fragrances. Arabian clientele leans more and more towards western-designed fragrances that are - as with oriental notes - very durable and have a strong aura. Thus arose a collection of perfumes that are also suitable for European fans of intense fragrances. Mancera offers a brilliant olfactory symbiosis and therefore creations that simultaneously cater to western and oriental fragrance tastes. Only the highest quality ingredients of natural and synthetic origin are used. Critical to the mixing ratio for each Mancera fragrances is the durability, intensity, and development of the overall composition.

The Presentation
The heavy crystal glass Mancera flacon is custom made by Italian manufacturer Luigi Bormioli, whose style and artwork have a long history going back to the Renaissance. Surprisingly, the flacon lid must not be pulled off as is usual but must be unscrewed in order to release the spray head. Mancera offers their creations in 120 - and 60-ml bottles. The 60 ml bottle is not just a smaller version of the 120-ml flacon but possesses its own slender dimensions. Each flacon is enclosed in its own bag and the packaging is made of gold and black cartons with ornate relief.

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