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An inspiration. A celebration. A tribute. Nabeel Perfumes is writing a new chapter in their history of fragrances, and proudly present their luxury fragrance line called The Spirit of Dubai. Inspired by ‘Dubai’ – a city that embraces a wide variety of scenery, captivating contrasts of ancient tradition and the luxuries of a cosmopolitan society.

A vision of Hon. Chairman Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), the master perfumer, has created 15 fragrances for the brand. The first eight fragrances are a Niche Collection – labeled as the ‘First Generation.’ Where each fragrance in concept, presentation & perfume, represents a different attribute of the City of Dubai from its undulating beaches to its sky-high towers and its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous. The next release of seven fragrances is an Ultra-Niche Collection – labeled as the ‘Second Generation.’ This collection is unique in terms of building upon each of the earlier fragrances keeping in mind the same attributes that drive the thriving metropolis of Dubai - Innovation, World-class Quality, Luxury, Utmost Creativity, and Craftsmanship. Each of these 15 fragrances encapsulates 'one' outstanding aspect of the city.

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