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"Rirana Parfume is founded in 2017 as 1st handcrafted niche fragrance house in Malaysia. We craft unique fragrances. We inspired by the natural woods, flowers, herbs, and aromatic botanicals. The range of scents is made from natural oils, selected with care, and blended with precision. It’s a new method of making perfume the old-fashioned way.

We believe that real perfumes don’t have gender so all our fragrances are gender-free fragrances. Rirana Parfume are intended to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

Scientifically formulated to react to the wearer and evolve over the day. You can smell the difference. We created something that can be noticeable the entire day by yourself and the people around you. The quality of the fragrance is something that we committed and prioritize.

All our scents environmentally friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. We don’t test on animals and our scents are created in our lab using essential and fragrance oils – all of them skin-kind and free from parabens, phthalates, preservatives, additives, and any other harmful or non-sustainable substances." - a note from the brand.

Fragrances Line provides Hand-Decanted Rirana Perfume and Cologne Samples & Decants into high-quality glass vials! 100% Authentic!