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With harmony and well being as guiding principles, The Harmonist has fused the power of scents with age-old principles to create its debut collection of fragrances.
The Harmonist’s fragrances are composed of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients from all over the world, harnessing the purest energy levels to create true signature scents.

The Harmonist, a new perfume house (founded in 2013) that uses Feng Shui to help people find their elements and their perfect scent. The Harmonist’s first collection is inspired by centuries of Asian Philosophy. From a harmonious balance of five complementary elements that govern the world comes a precious collection of 10 sumptuous elixirs. Each is a sensual and emotional celebration perfectly tailored to a person.

The earliest edition was created in 2015 and the newest is from 2020. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Guillaume Flavigny.

Fragrances Line provides Hand-Decanted The Harmonist Perfume Samples & Decants into high-quality glass vials! 100% Authentic!