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Diptyque was founded in 1961 by three friends who had trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. They came from different backgrounds but discovered they shared a similar aesthetic and a passion for design. Together, they opened a shop featuring their own avant-garde fabric designs, artfully displayed with eccentric bits and pieces that the trio had picked up in their travels. The customers were more interested in the decorations than the fabric, so the enterprising team started importing curios and commissioning local artisans to create exclusive items for the store – including candles which matched their elegant and eccentric designs. These candles gathered a cult following, which led to importing and selling more fragrance items, which led to creating their own line of fragrances - and voila: a niche fragrance line was born.

Drawing from the personal histories of the founders, Diptyque has created a distinctive line of fragrances that evoke their recollection of specific places – a riverbank garden, a family estate, the exotic fragrances remembered from a childhood in Vietnam. Using extremely high-quality ingredients, these fragrances conjure up the freshness of plants growing out of the earth and the transparent beauty of memories. And as you would expect from a trio of designers, the packaging is elegant and special – a delight to display on your dresser.

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