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Parfums Montale came into being in 2001, when perfumer Pierre Montale relocated to Saudi Arabia and began to create perfumes for Arabian kings, queens, sultans and princesses. In 2003, he opened his first showroom in Paris and unveiled his masterful creations to the West, combining Eastern essences with precious woods, resins, florals, sweet confections and spices from around the world to create his beautiful line of perfumes. His collection that was so well developed and complex it caused a worldwide stir in perfumery circles, and the roar only gets louder. Each one of these remarkable perfumes is long lasting, providing the wearer with hours of fragrant happiness. From dark love potions to candied delights, manly leather to uplifting sunny fragrances, we stand in amazement and we know you will, too.  

Of special note are Montale’s oud perfumes, which are France’s first oud line and of particular interest to perfume lovers. Used in Oriental perfumery since the dawn of time, oud is fragranced ointment from Arabia which extracted from the root of the oud tree, preserved in a cave for several years, then extracted by a secret process known only to royalty. This smoky aphrodisiac of a scent is on proud display in the several oud scents we carry, and they’re like nothing you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling before. All perfumes in the Montale line are packaged in aluminum bottles; light is one of the top enemies of perfume, and you’ll want to make sure these poetic compositions are with you for a very, very long time to come.

Fragrances Line provides Hand-Decanted Montale Fragrance Samples & Decants. 100% Authentic! Into high-quality glass vials!