Our mission is making your happy!

We pore perfume from its original bottles into small sterile glass bottles.

Вы находясь дома, на оддыхе или на работе легким прикосновением руки можете приобрести ваши любимые нишевые парфюмы в любых размерах именно с нашего сайта. Мы сэкономили ваше время и деньги и собрали на нашем сайте самую лучшую коллекцию нишевой парфюмерии со всего мира. Только у нас собрана коллекция в состав, которой входят как популярные так и редкие парфюмы, но самые лучшие. Именно благодаря нам вы можете поднять настроение себе  и вашим близким. Наша цель сделать вас радостными. Каждый человек достоен попробовать эти произведения исскуства. Да вы правильно прочитали. Эти парфюмы настоящее произведение исскуства. Ведь в каждый из них вложено колосально много усилий. И все для того, чтобы понравиться вам. Искренне ваши!

What we do?

Here at Fragrancesline we specialize in offering samples and decants of niche fragrances.  What we do is spray, pour, or use sterile pipettes to take perfume from its original large bottle and repackage it in a smaller bottle so that the consumer can try as many fragrances as they desire before buying a full bottle.

Мы переливаем парфюмы из оригинальных бутылок в наши маленькие стерильные новые бутылки. 


Not everybody can afford to buy full bottle because these perfumes are expensive. But everybody want to but it. 

Everybody is worthy to try these perfumes and choose loved perfumes. We create excellent conditions for buying niche perfumes in different sizes in our store.

There are so many fragrances and so little time!  Why spend $250 on one bottle that will take you forever to finish and you may get tired of, when you can spend the same money and get 10 different decants.  

We also sell full bottle. We collected the most popular perfumes in our store. You can definitely buy them in our store. We do not sell any copies or any fakes. All our perfumes are 100% authentic and directly from the manufacturers.

We also sell samples which are wonderful way to try many fragrances before deciding on the full bottle you know you will love. Samples offer the ability to wear perfume for a week or more and really decide if that fragrance is right for you.  Once you sample fragrances and find ones that you love, you can either buy decants from us or buy a full bottle from another E-tailer, department store or perfume boutique. 


You pick the fragrance and the size, then we decant from the original bottle or vessel into a brand new sterile glass spray (please note 1 ml samples are not sprays).  We label each decant and carefully package to prevent leakage.  

To assure you that you get the exact amount listed for each decant bottle, we use medical measuring devices so that each bottle is filled the exact amount. Please note,  there is air space left at the top of the bottles which is important  for pressurization in atomizers. Air space does not mean you received less than the amount listed. 

Please understand before purchasing, you will NOT receive an original bottle of perfume from the manufacturer.  However, you WILL receive a re-packaged, unaltered, freshly and expertly hand-decanted fragrance. 


Each vessel is hand decanted after payment and moments before shipping from our personal bottles of authentic fragrances.  We use sterile medical pipettes designated for each fragrance, or the perfume is sprayed or poured directly from the original bottle.