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by Tiziana Terenzi


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The third chapter of Assoluto Collection is Dubhe, star of Ursa Major constellation rich in history and secrets. In fact, Dubhe it was in ancient a pole star and it will be again in 20500, due to the precession of the equinoxes.

A perfume made with raw materials jealously and secretly kept in the olfactory library of Terenzi family for over 50 years; priceless oils that with a slow maceration and long-term aging of the rarest molecules contained therein, give off scents that only time and patience of those who are able to wait for a lifetime can donate.

Outer space and the absolute silence that hovers between the bright stars are reflected on us for thousands of years and therefore they will do it again. The beauty of the moment is contained in this jewel ampoule, in one Assoluto drop.

Dubhe Assoluto by Tiziana Terenzi is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. Dubhe Assoluto was launched in 2016. The nose behind this fragrance is Paolo Terenzi. 

Tiziana Terenzi Dubhe Fragrance Notes

Top notes are cyperus esculentus, rose, saffron, and geranium. Middle notes are gurjan balsam, cedar, currant buds, vanilla, white oud, orris, and guaiac wood. Base notes are amber, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, and agarwood (oud).

Important info: Here, we sell decants only. Tiziana Terenzi Dubhe fragrance sample is a hand-decanted sample. The original bottle on the main picture is not for sale, it just shows the original bottle from which perfume will be decanted. Therefore, the customer will receive the authentic fragrance poured from the original bottle into a new sterile vial.

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