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Roja Dove defines luxury and sophistication in a new and dramatic way for the perfume art of today. He takes you into a world of uncompromising quality, absolute luxury and pure sensuality. In the UK and around the world he is considered one of the most innovative fragrance creators and is a highly respected perfumer. His amazing experience, passion and his unmistakable charisma are expressed in all his creations – both by Roja’s individual, bespoke fragrances or the award-winning Roja Parfums. They are each an example of extraordinary creativity and become a signature for those who wear them.

Roja Dove creates with much emotion, passion and love. Exquisite and precious ingredients are combined according to his credo "The best is just good enough" to create imaginative, exciting and surprising perfumes. They are quite simply "the finest fragrances in the world".

“I create fragrances that cast a spell over our emotions and secretly haunt our senses; fragrances that capture our heart; fragrances that hopefully will be loved and remembered by generations to come.” Roja Dove.

Roja Dove personally devotes his love of detail to every aspect of his creations – from the fragrance to the packaging and presentation. Roja fragrances are far from the normality of today’s “Here today, gone tomorrow” trend fragrances that are often quickly forgotten. Roja Parfums are in accord with the great, complex and refined fragrances of master perfumers.

With Roja Parfums he has created a range of fragrances, which speak to all lovers of fine perfumes, regardless of their specific fragrance preferences. All these fragrances have one thing in common: they were created to be the "finest fragrances in the world" - to be worn, remembered, loved and to be desired. Each of them was created by Roja Dove, to harmonize with the person who wears it - as a statement. Roja Parfums are true luxury.

"My creations are resolutely modern. I hope that they are loved enough to survive - and perhaps inspire future generations of perfumers. With each creation, I am inspired by the words of the poet Yeats "... tread softly because you tread on my dreams" Roja Dove.

Fragrances Line provides Hand-Decanted Roja Dove Fragrance Samples & Decants. 100% Authentic! Into high-quality glass vials!