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Oud Orange Intense

by Fragrance Du Bois



A beautiful rendering of a dark chocolate Mounds bar in perfume form. The opening notes of Oud Orange Intense are smoky and nutty, bringing to mind a pile of coconut husks smoldering in the ashes of a fire. Creamy musks and bourbon vanilla bring a cocoa-tinted softness to the mix, restraining the beachy exuberance of the coconut, and also its sweetness. What emerges is dry, woody vanilla with a luxuriously boozy touch, like a log of driftwood rubbed lightly with coconut liquor.

The oud note here is less of a headlining note than a calming influence on the other notes. Its austere woodiness turns what could have been a full-on, coconutty tropical extravaganza into an adult woody vanilla. Oud Orange Intense is both a surprise and a triumph.

Oud Orange Intense was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Caroline Sabas.

Oud Orange Intense Fragrance Notes

Coconut, fruits, bourbon vanilla, oud, musk.

Important info: Here, we sell decants only. Fragrance Du Bois Oud Orange Intense fragrance sample is a hand-decanted sample. The original bottle on the main picture is not for sale, it just shows the original bottle from which perfume will be decanted. Therefore, the customer will receive the authentic fragrance poured from the original bottle into a new sterile vial.

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