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Patchouli Absolu

by TOM FORD Private Blend


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He iconic olfactive note of the 1970s, it evokes louche sensuality and after-dark glamour, as well as the heady blending of masculine and feminine that defined the era. This Eastern oil perfumed the skin of late 1970s glitterati and bohemians alike, pervading the air of jet-set parties with a provocative, dark glamour. 
Tom Ford has reinvented this influential ingredient into a truly vanguard scent for a new era. Patchouli Absolu merges three opulent and distinctly different versions of this iconic plant ingredient. Patchouli oil contributes raw and primal texture; patchouli coeur, the ultra-luxurious, absolute extract of the plant, contributes an elusive and refined earthiness, and a breakthrough iteration of patchouli called Clearwood, used for the very first time in perfumery, is the most exquisite and pure rendition of patchouli's darkly addictive signature ever captured. The top notes are bay leaf, rosemary and moss, the heart is those patchouli notes with guiacwood, cypriol, violet wood and sheer cashmere woods, and the base is tonka bean and amber intertwined with musks and supple notes of leather.
By merging the three facets of patchouli, Tom Ford creates a uniquely unconventional heart of the fragrance. They reflect off each other to intensify the depth and intrigue we associate with patchouli.

Patchouli Absolu Notes

The fragrance features patchouli, bay leaf, rosemary, guaiac wood, cypriol oil or nagarmotha, cashmere wood, tonka bean, moss, amber, musk and leather.

Important info: Here, we sell decants only. This item is a hand-decanted sample. The original bottle on the main picture is not for sale, it just shows the original bottle from which perfume will be decanted. Therefore, the customer will receive the authentic fragrance poured from original bottle into a new sterile vial. The size of the vial is your choice.

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